Saturday, February 6, 2010

Faq's about Homeopathic treatment


1) Can infants be treated by homeopathic medicines ?

Yes, infants can be treated by Homeopathic medicines.

2) What is the role of Homeopathy in pregnancy and delivery?
Homeopathic medicines are safe and so, one does not have to worry about the side effects of the medicines. It can be safely taken during pregnancy. During delivery, Homeopathic medicines bring about good contractions and ensures normal delivery .It is better that the Homeopathic doctor is present at the time of delivery.

3) Can Homeopathy avoid surgery?
Yes and No. Yes, in case of small fibroids, small renal calculi upto 5mm, recurrent styes and other minor conditions, surgery can be avoided.
But in case of larger fibroids, abdominal emergencies surgical intervention is essential.

4) Can you prescribe Homeopathic medicines?
We can prescribe Homeopathic medicines, but sometimes the patient may pass on the prescription to someone else, thinking that it has cured my pain, so it will cure him. But in Homeopathy medicines differ from person to person.

5) Does Homeopathy takes along time to cure a disease?
It depends upon the disease, its pathology, the age of the patient and also on the obstacles on the path of recovery. For e.g. if a person is suffering from hyperacidity and he continues to have spicy food, alcohol etc. then it will take time for him to get cured. If the disease is detected early and the patient is co-operative , Homeopathic cure is rapid, gentle and permanent.

6) How do children benefit from Homeopathy?
Children who are taking Homeopathic medicines develop good resistance and grow up into healthy adults. Also, constitutional Homeopathic medicines given to mothers during pregnancy deliver healthy babies.

7) What are the dietary restrictions one should follow during Homeopathic treatment?
Patient should avoid raw onion, raw garlic and coffee as these things may reduce the effect of the medicine.

Case taking is very important in Homeopathy. Case taking is communication between a physician and a patient. Mental Stress is a part of everyone's life. Sometimes one feels that someone should just listen to their joys ,sorrows, your complaints patiently. Homeopathic physician listens to you patiently. You have to provide all the information without holding back any information thinking it is useless or irrelevant.
The patient will be given a history form which he has to fill in regarding his complaints, his emotions, his nature, the ups and downs which he has faced in his life. The patient will have to submit the form and come in for consultation. The first consultation may require 1 – 112 hours. The next visit requires less time.
After completion of case taking, a general physical examination of the patient is carried out and then a medicine is prescribed.
The patient should also submit his previous investigation reports.

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