Monday, January 24, 2011

Water Park for senior citizens


Is there any water park especially for senior citizens.We had been for YOGA class picnic at a water park. One more group comprising of only senior citizens had come. We all were enjoying the rain dance. After some time I just looked around. A large number of senior citizens were watching us. Everyone wanted to participate in the rain dance but they could not due to fear that they might slip and fall.Few of them who were bold managed to come up and dance.Others were just clicking snaps.Few others were just sitting under the trees.I heard them saying during our days there were no water parks.
I just felt there should be one water park meant for them where the water should be warm, the force of the water should not be more so that they would not feel dizzy.
The music should be melodious especially old songs. There should lot of people around to help them. The slides should should be less dangerous.
We had been to TIKUJI-NI-WADI for a family picnic. For quite a long time my father was just watching us playing in the water. Suddenly he called my son who is 10 years old and told him he would like to go in the water. I was really surprised and also happy.We took him to wave pool and rain dance. He really enjoyed it.

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